Tuesday, February 16, 2010

14th Post... And it's a doozy!

Well the haters be haten AGAIN, and unfortunately as much as we would love to print their messages for you and us to have a good laugh at, We don't actually have any. I just made that shit up.

However, this 14th post has momentous news.

Despite Facebook's refusal to bend to my will and DESTROY the haters who be haten and their defamatory guff, (I like that defamatory stuff. I use it alot to silence those who dare speak against me.. fuck freedom of speech!) out here on the rest of the web it's more of a level playing field.

STARWALKER is very much alive and well, albeit with massive crew changes behind the scenes. The Dubious financial partner will be assuming direct financial control, and the American filming will concentrate entirely on the resources that the amazing and amazingly talented team led by John Pencil can provide for us.

As for the dramas to date - well, birth is always painful! And that's what caused us to lie about Prof Stephen Hawking, Red Vision and the identity theft of Dionne Taylor of Polkadot PR. Opsie!

Look to the future, because by the end of this century, STARWALKER will be halfway through its filming, its flight provider partners - all FOURTEEN OF THEM- will be revealed, and two International governments will have publicly lent their support! They better, or I will get my friends to sue them!

Not to mention, we will be announcing incredibly exciting product placement news fairly soon! Everyone loves ads!


2009 is a Weasel of a Year for Space Travel, and STARWALKER is at the storefront of the amazing and unique exciting times we live in! So please, keep entering for $10.50 a pop before we cancel again!

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