Monday, March 8, 2010

Myrmidon Enterprises loses defamation case against ZGeek

Looks like more lies of Myrmidon Enterprises have caught up with them. These scammers recently tried to sue an Australian forum for $42.5 million after they said their conspiracy book was bullshit.

When ZGeek's lawyers asked the court for proof of their lost movie deal, they gave up!

Unfortunately the didn't go for costs as Greg Smith is a broke ass waiter with no assets. Funny that this company was brokering a $100 million deal over Starwalker.

Turns out both Jonathan Nolan and Greg Smith of Myrmidon Enterprises are completely, and utterly full of shit. If anyone gets involved with these two dishonest people then they deserve to have their money stolen. That's something that Mr Nolan knows all about.

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