Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jonathan Nolan was disbarred

Starwalker Executive Producer/Showrunner Jonathan Nolan was disbarred as an attorney in Australia seven years ago on three counts of misappropriation of money from a trust fund he controlled.

In the decision, delivered on Aug. 9, 2002, the Supreme Court of the Northern Territory removed Nolan from the Roll of Legal Practitioners “on the ground that he is no longer a fit and proper person to practise as a legal practioner.” The decision came after “he pleaded guilty before the Disciplinary Tribunal to three counts involving defalcation from his trust account.”

Wikipedia describes the term as:

A defalcation is an amount of funds misappropriated by a person trusted with its charge; also, the act of misappropriation, or an instance thereof….The term is used in legal proceedings other than bankruptcy to refer more generally to embezzlement.

Nolan did not attend his disbarment hearing, but he sent a letter in which he did not oppose the action. The disbarment request was made by the Law Society of the Northern Territory.

The text of the ruling.

Court documents

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