Saturday, January 2, 2010

Things you should ask yourself before entering.

1. Where is the money coming from?
2. Why are Jonathan and Greg so protective of their previous work? They have forbidden people from discussing it on their discussion board and have actively censored members.
3. Where are their previous works? Can you find them?
4. Greg Smith is currently suing a small, non-profit community web-site for $42.5 million. Why exactly is he doing that?
5. Is this money from the lawsuit ment to fund the show?
6. Jonathan Nolan is an ex-lawyer. A quick google search will explain why.
7. How do two unknowns suddenly have $100 million dollars backing?
8. With so much money backing the show, why use free email addresses and free website hosting? Where is the official site? Where are their real contact details?
9. Can they be believed when they say the show is not a hoax?
10. Why did Sunrise remove Jonathan Nolan's video from their webpage so quickly?

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